May the law be with you

A world in harmony with nature, with people encouraging each other sincere and serious crimes that happen only occasionally. Well, that wonderful world continues to be an utopia. So many good vibes out there but still too much influence of the bad vibes. So no, we’re not there yet.

1d94a9e08e7edcb0a75f4eccd768aeb0You can either have an optimistic view of the world or you put on your dark sunglasses and see all the crimes, the griefs, the sorrows, the inequality. If you are empathic, you can feel the pain, anxious, sadness or whatever of victims of all those negative things. The more you open your eyes for the world’s negativity, the more get confronted with related.

Anyway, for the moment my world’s overview is pretty negative but I remain hope for the best. Why? Because I believe in people. I noticed that a lot of people are in favor of world peace. Unfortunately, most people are just indifferent. Their own happiness is central, a choice that is actually really human. But I do add these people to the box of convincible humans because I believe if they could chose between world peace or not, most people are likely to join ‘the good side’. So in the end, I guess there are more ‘good’ people than ‘bad’ ones. The leftovers, the bad ones, probably have experienced too much hate, drama or negativity in their lives.They are not yet aware that it is better to not let in the evil side that is within all of us.

Bad or good, we all make mistakes. Defeat ignorance and indifference is a real struggle, definitely with such a cunt ass president as Mr. Trump that does nothing to make this world better in the longer term. But the world’s most serious crimes should not be tolerated anymore. Just imagine a world with international laws on human abuse such as torture, paedophalia, gratuitous violence, rape, terrorism… but also on environmental protection, racism and animal abuse. Those are the subjects that really matter, in my opinion.

101508679268ad1e364fc2ea80fb51b2A friend of mine that is in politics, let’s call him Leo, is in favor of the idea of international laws, he only does not believe in it. According to him there is no such thing as a standard world citizen. As a consequence, it is too difficult to apply certain rules worldwide, he says. From my point of view, it it just a form of democracy. Within every country there are rules that apply to everyone, despite everybody’s different ways of thinking. So I do not see the difference with international laws. Why this would not work out? And as said, if you question every single individual, most are a supporter of less violence, war and hate.

Another friend of mine that is involved in politics, I will call him David, seems to think exactly the same as I do. Although I did not specify my question on international laws regarding topics, he automatically quoted the same issues. That shows that I am not the only one who thinks human rights, animal rights and the environment are really top priority. However, both David and Leo have their doubts about the practical side: which institution would legislate, how will the members vote or propose a law,what about the sovereignty of the participating countries,… I must admit, those practical matters will be the biggest difficulty in this discussion. 

8dd5a4e147302e373fa9a4dea346004dDavid mentions the fact that it is better to start with a select number of countries and see every expansion as a victory. The International Criminal Court in Den Haag is actually a perfect example of an attempt to have an agreement with several countries on serious crimes. Although staying loyal to their signature is not easy; some members even have resigned. So no, it won’t be easy, it will take some time but I believe that in a far future, international laws are a logic and possible solution. Our history learns that new ideas, rules or system scare people. So better to start sooner than later 😉

So I would say… come and join the ‘good club’, or as Trump would say it ‘the best club’. This does not mean you have to be a saint. Being epic at crazy parties, going mad for nothing, go through a bad period in your life,… Those kind of things will ensure you to keep the balance in your life and to grow as a person. Just try to learn from your mistakes, try to do good for people (for your family and beloved ones but also for unknown people) and to do good for the world (perhaps you can combine your dreams with a good charity). You will be part of a positive circle. Planet earth needs you!

Cheers, I’m out for my glass of wine.

xoxo Nathalie


The sense of freedom in the universe

Remember I told you about my new activity, rollerblading? Well.. it already got my wrist plastered. Seen that I am right-handed and typing is not so obvious anymore, I will keep it relatively short this time. And yet, I want to talk about our soul and religions, a subject you have so much to say about. Keeping it as short as possible just makes it easier to understand the basics of my thinking.


In fifth grade I took classes about spirituality and astrology. One day we spoke about the meaning of life. We learned that all our souls come from one bigger ‘soul’. During your life on earth it is intended to make your soul complete. Once the soul is complete, it can go back to the great soul. This theory makes sense to me. What’s more, it is actually one of the essentials of my life. Not that I completely follow it but the key elements of this idea appeal to me.


quote-spirituality-does-not-come-from-religion-it-comes-from-our-soul-anthony-d-williams-139-37-61Religion is, as I like to see it, a direction indicator and support. For many people their religion is a way to express their fears and a way to gain hope again. It also directs many people, in the good direction of course, because the basics of any religion is doing good. Some really beautiful norms and values are highlighted by religions. By following the rules, you respect yourself and others. Unfortunately, some sections of the holy books are misinterpreted or taken too seriously. It is a shame that we still make war about or because of our religions although it is not incomprehensible. It is easy to manipulate humans by indoctrination for example.

1094810_10201327409059001_1640423833_nWhen you try to do good and you try to improve yourself on different levels, your soul can become complete. A way to achieve this is trying to find your balance; as I told in my former article. When you feel at ease and have found your elements to keep your balance, you will feel like you are in peace. You have a lifetime for achieving it so there is no need to rush.

When not finding your balance, people master to find excuses to hide their own failures, insecurities, negative points or problems. In that way they avoid feeling guilty, sad or insecure. Of course, they need to face those fears to overcome them. I guess that is one of the reasons why some girls prefer money or power rather than a relationship based on trust, true love and respect.  It is a way to overcome their conscience. So.. be stronger than your excuses. Any progress is better than no progress at all. Try to become a better person in any way.

Peace out.


I want to make a special article for the month of December to end 2016 in style. Which of the following subjects you want me to write about? Other suggestions are welcome too.

  • America
  • Struggles by hunting for a job
  • Traditions and globalization (s.a. Black Pete)

Balance is life

Hi guys. In case you noticed, I did not write an article in September. I was just busier than ever. I made a great trip to Ibiza and started with a new adventure: my own Instagram account about rollerblading. Definitely worth checking out 😉 This account reflects different parts of my life; my active/sportive life with a focus on inline skating, motivating others and my alter ego as a bladebabe which is girly and boyish at the same time. By putting these elements into my account I create a sort of balance. And balance is life.

Honestly, did you never notice that a balance is always needed, whether it is about nature, people or just anything in life? That is why in such a cruel world where war and money rule the world, there are still a bunch of good people helping the world by giving money or actually doing something. In organizations it works the same: if there is no balance, things just do not work out anymore after a while. When you want to start up a creative organization for example, there must be a common thread through all the activities and the administration will not be done by itself. Then again a very diplomatically organization needs to be human and creative in its solutions too to survive the market. Even the news follows a certain pattern. Look at our Belgian news channel VTM. No matter how hard or bad the news of the day is, there will always be room for unimportant information. This rithm of hard and soft news can display more emotions, a bigger connection and most of all ‘a balanced out news’.

9ea50164ad51bf4d246a5b6a075bdf80The same goes for people. An example. Whenever someone has a main object in his life, after a while he will probably need something to find the balance in his life again. That is why people who are focused on their career, try to compensate it by doing sports, going from one party to the other or find peace in a relationship (human or animal). At least, that is what they think because in the end these people are still not in peace with their heart or mind. They focus too hard on external things rather than on their internal growth. That can explain the success of yoga, which connects people to their inner self. You can also see the balance of life very easily when studying people. Everyone has a different character. Some people are very insecure while others maintain an overdose of confidence. This influences conversations, their choice of job and friends,… That is how there is a balance is life once again. So just be yourself and try to find your own balance.

In nature you can find a perfect balance too. It starts with the marvelous division of our continents which contains two cold poles and a hot desert in Africa. Every day will turn into a night and after rain will always come sunshine. The earth exists of water and land. You can find cute animals all over the world as well as scary insects. Old animals die while newborns are discovering the world. And of course there is a reason why sour food compliments anything sweet. If you ever think of it, it is so magical everything in life is so balanced. Physics is just a miracle. And earth is a beautiful example that can come out of something well balanced. It proves that when everything is just right, life can develop.

Are you crazy? #crazycardrivers


For now, I have talked enough about all the crazy and bad things that happen outside. Time to make you a bit bolder and less ignorant in a wholly different way. So I wrote about the following subject just to get it out of my system.

From the moment you step into your car, you might be a whole other person. That is because we overthink or suppress our anxieties, expectations, frustrations and capacities. In the end, traffic is not really pleasant anymore for any of us. These days, I am getting very frustrated about some drivers. Not the type of drivers you might expect. I am talking about the ones that drive too slow and wait forever to cross the street. Car drivers like these think they drive safe but they are just selfish and create frustrations and more traffic than needed. Let me try to explain.

In Belgium we notice a lowering of the speed limits in many streets. But even when the speed limit of a road is changed, for example, from 90km/h to 70km/h, some people decide to drive 10 to 20 km/h slower. Why? It is not safer. The government believes these roads are safe to drive when driving 70km/h. What makes you an expert to think that it is so much safer to drive 60km/h when it is not even raining or pitch dark. The danger is that these drivers make other drivers, that want to follow the correct speed limit, frustrated which may lead to dangerous traffic situations. So please, do not exaggerate in your ‘I am driving safely’.

bc91b1dbd27f9d6bc83644d546d87e22The same applies to some drivers who think it is OK to always drive left when driving the correct speed limit at highways. STOP THAT. In some situations, it is much safer to just give up your pride just because you know you are right and not blocking other people. Certainly when some of these drivers are not alone but have their whole family with them, I am thinking ‘what are you doing?!’. Just avoid a situation that might end very bad.


1029d8df1fb112427f40c010f5da50a0Another example of car drivers who think they are alone on the road is when someone stops at a red traffic light and is in the first of the row, he needs to pay attention to the red traffic light, even more than others do. Unfortunately, it happens too often that they don’t. Again, this is very frustrating. Especially when driving in big cities, where you need to pass 50 red traffic lights or where a red traffic light changes from green to red in about 30 seconds. This causes unnecessary traffic jams which may lead to frustrations and danger once again. So please, focus people! Do not think ‘Alright, I passed the red light’ which is very selfish.

Of course, a lot of the people who exhibit such unsafe behaviours are elderly people. In that case, you cannot blame them. But to all the other people I suggest not blocking any other drivers and just participate to a free flowing traffic. I also must admit that the government is also a part of this kind of conduct. They make drastic economies on essential elements such as street lighting and smart traffic lights while earning money from stupid fines. Still a long way to go for safer roads!

Love ain’t hippy shit

Every morning I wake up checking my social media. I don’t know what brought this on but the last few weeks I woke up a few times reading terrible articles. fuckwarAbout the Iraqi dancer Adel Faraj, who was killed in the terrorist attack in Baghdad, about the terrorist attack in Istanbul, about the Orlando gay club shooting,… I saw movies of black people being killed by cops, I saw movies of those who were in the Dallas sniper attack. So the first thing I did on these mornings was cry. I really felt bad. I cannot take this any longer. Maybe I am a hippy at heart or maybe I am just realistic enough to see where all this hate leads to but one of the things I want most in life is peace & love in this world.
So yes, I became one of those believers that think love can save the world. In the end everybody needs love and affection for his/her personal development. That is why it is so easy to brainwash children and why some victims love their rapist for example. The idea behind it is that those who suffer from a lack of love, will search it anyway. These individuals are actually so vulnerable that they are the main target group of manipulating organizations and influences such as groups who want to convince people of a certain religion.

But love alone cannot save this world, of course. We should deal with the negative influences and energies of this world. We should be fighting against this. So I am more than pleased that Beyoncé spread the same message, even if it is only for the black community that she stood up. The words of her manifesto were:


You can read the full statement of Beyoncé on her website. Because of the recent events in the USA, Adriana Grande and Victoria Monet launched a single to fight against the violence. I am so grateful for that. The world needs media and influencers like her to spread the message of love. It is one of the best ways to make people understand the importance of love and positivism.

The good news is that a lot more people try to be positive and show their love for this world. Like a friend of mine that posted lately on Facebook ‘Happy is the new rich’. Of course that is not yet totally true but I do see a positive evolution. What I really believe in are spirals, either downward or upward. So the more people are treated in a good way, the more positive vibes there will be. I do not say that you do not have to respond to violence or negativity. It is actually really important to let them know why things aren’t ok, to show them how they could respond differently, to engage the debate, to stand up for your rights, to boycott certain companies or activities, … You can help in so many ways, choose whatever fits you best.


So please, once again, I want to ask you to not be lazy. Try to sign as many petitions as you can, share positive content about things you can stand behind, talk to people and be nice and real to them,… You never know who you might inspire and that is the whole clue! I am very grateful that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham shared the movie that is used to promote the Global Goals, such as equality, of Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The video is made to empower women all over the world to stand up for their rights. The clip stimulates women to share their personal desire concerning women’s rights (we can just call it equality but we still need a term for proving there is no equality yet, basically that says it all). Trough the hashtag #whatireallyreallywant the organization will collect all the wishes and submit them to world leaders during the United Nations Summit. I already posted my wish on my Instagram account.


So let go of all your hate. Believe me, I also used to hate a lot of this world. Actually I still do. I just don’t act like it anymore. Or at least I try to. In that way you can learn how to grow in that process. The more I do, the more I see the positive effects of it: it affects my personal life as well as the lives of others. In the end, how can you actually hate people, nature or animals? You do not have to blame people but blame the system. So it is better to treat these elements with any respect. At least you can just try. If you do not like a certain religion, race, attitude or hatever, try to find that one person in that group that you do like. In that way you will start to know their culture, motivation, standards, values, beliefs,attitudes, …  Because a lot of hate is due to the case unknown is unloved.


Peace & love to all of you!



All you need in life

I was questioning life already at a very young age. One of the things in life that I did not understand was the term money. People’s greed can lead to a loss of their self respect and dignity as well as their loyalty to their family and friends. In worst case scenario’s people even lose their humanity. I never understood completely what the main reason is for that but that is probably because of my narrow western vision. Anyway, since so many people are blinded by money, I decided to see it as something that poisons life.

Four stairways to make it in life
At the age of 15 I began to discover the power of money. It was then that I concluded that money and connections are thé way to achieve whatever in life. I rest my case but two years ago I expanded this list of life-elements with talent and luck. Let me explain it briefly to you.

Raised in Schilde, one of the richest cities in Belgium, I was surrounded with a lot of daddy’s boys an girls, or as we like to call them in Belgium ‘filles à papa’. Last week I read an article about a girl of 17 that gained her helicopter license. A dream that is reserved solely for the rich ones. Guess what? She lived in the mundane Knokke, the place to be in the Belgian upper class. So yes, when born in a rich family, you have all kinds of privileges that other people cannot afford. That is the main reason why people always try to be rich as well. Some of the privileges you can buy with money:

  • A woman. Unfortunately trafficking in women is still common in some countries. Men like to buy a woman to use her as their sex slave. When she is lucky, he marries her. Here, in the West, men do not literally buy women but they like to influence a girl with the things they can buy. The man can, for example, afford a nice house, car or clothes.  Or he likes to spend money on welnesses, nice dinners or drinks, exclusive entrances, presents for her,… A lot of women love to be spoiled and try so hard to spend their lives with a rich man just because of the access to these privileges.
  • A child. When you have money you can choose to adopt a child or to do insemination. Recently I saw a documentary about women in poorer countries that were inseminated with sperm of HIV positive men without being told. What a sharp contrast between rich and poor.
  • An organisation. A lot of multinationals arose from fusions and joint ventures. It is one of the most beloved strategies of Marc Coucke and other companies. Buying a concept, store or company always asks for a certain sum of money.
  • Medical care. You have access to the best and the most expensive medical care of the world. Because your health is a priority, isn’t it?
  • Money actually buys you freedom in many ways. In a direct way you can even buy your freedom when being condemned. When you have enough money you can afford a good lawyer or you can bribe judges.

4c9dba38a5313be9411215f0362349feThe same goes for connections. When you know people, you can reach a lot of things in life. You might even be better off with connections than with money. The level of connections is not only about having privileges such as freedom or wisdom. It is more about getting chances in life. When you know someone of a company for example, you might get access to sensitive information or you might be hired without the selection procedure. When in comes down to partying, you get in for free on a party, even when the party is sold out, or you do not have to stand in the waiting line or you get invited for exclusive parties. On vacation you might get a free or a cheaper hotel room. Your network will also inform you of the best places to visit. When you want to fix your car, it is best to know somebody. Otherwise, you will have to pay way much more. So yes, you get things for a cheaper price when you can count on a somebody of your network. Relying on your network is also the most important element of e.g. blogging. Bloggers get free products or invitations to parties in exchange for free publicity. The same goes for artists. From my point of view knowing people and having a good relationship with them is the best method to reach goals in life or to facilitate life.


DJ Omira – talented hardcore dj

If you are talented, you also have way much more chance to become famous, rich and/or happy. I am thinking about all the talent shows. Earlier stars such as Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake have won talent shows when they were a child. The first talent show I remember was Idol. The first season in Belgium was a huge success. Natalia did not won the show but she is still famous and is now even judging at other talent shows. The same applies to most of the winners of talent shows. Look at the carreers of winners or favorite dancers/singers of popular shows such as America’s Got Talent (Terry Fator, Jazz Singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, The Olate Dogs,.) or So You Think You Can Dance (Joshua Allen, Jeanine Mason, Ricky Ubeda,…).

Without their talent, these people would never have been discovered so fast. Their successes would probably follow later, albeit at a slower rate. Of course, there is more than just being talented. Depending on your commitment and persistence, you can achieve more. Or depending on the other three basic elements of life of course 😉



When you do not have any money too much or you can not rely on a good network, you might have some luck. Is it faith, is it karma, I do not know the answer to that yet. I only know that luck can be on your side and that Murphy’s Law is not a joke.

Previous week I read an article about a boy with a rare genetic condition which made him see the world upside down. He was lucky that a woman reads about his plight and decided to help him. Thanks to crowdfunding he was operated and he can start a normal life.

Something completly different. Following the DJ Mag TOP 100, which is complete bullshit by the way, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are the number one djs of the world. I am not assuming they are just famous because of being lucky but luck was on their side and the brothers grabbed the changes they got. They were, for example, lucky to be born in Willebroek, the city of the wonderful Tomorrowland and to know the organizer of the festival. Since DV&LM became the residents of Tomorrowland, the ID&T-team works hard on pushing their label with hard marketing techniques.

So.. when you are not blessed being rich or talented and you cannot rely on a good network,  there is always hope to be lucky in life. 🙂 But never forget you have to open your eyes and maximize the potential of your chances.

“I have never understood why some people are lucky enough to be born with the chance that I had—with this path in life.” – Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie gets it
I have the most respect for Angelina Jolie. She is one of the wisest, humblest and strongest woman that I ever heard speaking. It would be a true honour to meet her in real life. I am still amazed by her speech at the 2013 Governors Awards. Her speech is still accurate and in a certain way i think it suits this post perfectly. So please watch it and be inspired. It only takes 4 minutes of your precious time. Ps. the last minute says it all 😉

Finally I would like to thank my new followers. I am very pleased with your support. Definitly take a look at the blog of my good friend Joke when you want to know more about daily shitty things.


Complete control

The development of a society of control is a well-known fact. Nobody really likes it but the government uses the issue of security to take a little of people’s freedom at a time. So people do not react. I am wondering, is this development to such an extreme form of control adding value to the needs of humanity?

18fda786507a37e937c71c4c08c8ceeaBye bye freedom

It gets more and more obvious that the government wants to control its society completely. It strengthens the rules and the controls step by step. These controls are represented as a progress for the saftey and protection of citizens, which is high on the political agenda. In that way, people do not get too upset by the changes and will probably not revolt. In the last years I noticed an increase in controls in mobility, privacy and fraud.


In mobility the will to control is very clear; the tests for a driving license get more difficult and are enlarged every year and roads are getting more difficult to misbehave on (one-way traffic, barriers, reduced maximum speed with 30km/h zones, …). Even bikers can now lose their driver license when being drunk on their bike for example. And parking meters where you can pay cash and anonymous become rarer.

Secondly, people’s income and expenses are checked so much more than it used to be. Government controls society by watching financial transactions, tax fraud, black money (prostitution, drugs, in hospitality, …) and more. Moreover, the interesting discussion about a cashless society is still relevant. There was an announcement of the abolition of the €500 banknotes by 2018 earlier this week.  

In the early stages of this digital age the government wants to gain control over people’s lives for economic, political  and ‘social’ reasons. The lack of rules concerning privacy in this digital age encourages authorities to make abuse of it. Organizations collect and spread data and conversations or pictures are used as evidence at court,… Of course, the government also wants to have offline control. E.g. the garbage is being checked more and more. There exist underground waste containers that you can use with your card, linked to your personal account. I am pretty much convinced that the control over waste will be controlled even more, in name of society’s security. 😉


Creative criminals

What about the negative image of this evolution, is it appropriate? I must admit that intuitively I do not feel comfortable with this controlling system. When I grew up, it was still legal to smoke in public. But every year the damn rules changed and got more strict. As an adolescent it is very difficult to understand that so I obviously I was against it. I still am. But just maybe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Most people react like me, they dislike the idea of living in a stricter, more controlled system. But in the end, more control means less criminality and less illegal businesses. Although, that is what ‘they’ say. In my opinion, this system can only work if the government is transparent and thus not corrupt. Thereby, I do not believe that criminality can be stopped entirely by such a controlling system. People are too inventive for that. Some criminals are real geniuses and their need to find loopholes in the system will not be stopped by a stricter system, they just will be more creative.

Anyway, from my point of view, a debate about this topic would be better than just letting things happen and react when it is too late. In the mean time, I enjoy my freedom as much as I can.


Ps. Special thanks to my first follower A.C. Stark. Thank you for the support and believing in my ideas. Lovely blog you have bye the way!